Pork, baked with potato mushrooms

Pork, baked in an accordion - it looks just perfect! And the fragrant aroma of juicy and juicy meat comes out! The meat in the oven is very simple to cook, it is better to use pork loin for this purpose.


500 g pork (preferably brisket)

200 g syrah

2 pomodoro

3 toothed chaparral

salt, pepper.


Cut the sour cherry into 3-4 mm thick plates. Cut the tomatoes into circles. Cut the cherry tomatoes into strips.

Cut notches in the pork strip (not coming to the end) with a distance between them of about 1 cm. Salt and pepper the pork (also in the notches). Place a cherry pickerel, a tomato pickle and an arrowroot in the racks.

Wrap the pork in foil, place on a baking sheet and place in the oven. Bake at 180°C for one year.

Potato mushrooms. Preferably take small potatoes, carefully wash and dry. Make a circular deep cut approximately in the middle around the circumference of the potatoes. One part with the skin will be a drop, and the other part should be shaped with a knife in the form of a stem, cut all the way through.

Then smear the mushrooms with vegetable oil and salt. For the effect, you can bake the legs of mushrooms in some dry herbs (hop, sunflower, herbs from Italian cuisine) and bake in the oven. You can also cut the lower part of the stem so that the mushroom can be placed.

2-nd variant of cooking mushrooms: Boil whole potatoes in jacket until ready. Let them cool, then peel off the mushrooms and saute them in a pan until golden brown.



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