Prayer love and hope are the keys to success


God Almighty is the only king that you don't need an appointment to communicate with him. His connection never fails. The generation network is unlimited and it can be connected anywhere and anytime. This, is story of the power of prayer, love and hope. A true life story of an old grand mother and a specialist in  nuerology. Prayer is the weapon of the believers and it accompanied with high level of patients and hope.q

The focus of the story is on prayer, love and hope and key to all of the two is patient, that is why patients is virtue.

There is this specialist in nuerology who is th top doctor in that field of medicine, that to see him you need an appointment which takes months.he frequently travels alot,from city to city within that country. One faithful day he was on flight for appointment and suddenly it starts raining heavily accompanied with thunderstorms and lightning. It happened to existence that one of the aircraft engine was affected and they  hard emergency landing in a rural area. No engineer to fix it. The doctor ask the pilot how long will take to fix it, he said it will take time but  by the road Will take three hours to get to his destination.  He entered tricycle, a little while later the rain started again to the point they have to wait, fortunately they stop at near by building they decided to seek for refuge from the rain and lightning.they knocked at the door, elderly woman answered them, they narrated what happened. And said we want a place to observe our prayer, she kindly offer them a place to pray and that is where she normally pray. There lays a child who have been sick. When they were about to leave, they appreciated the woman an enquired what is wrong with the child.

The woman said, this child is an orphan, my grandchild h has been sick and I went to hospital. They said there is only one specialist who can attend to him and we have been booked for six months, I have been praying for Allah's help. I love this child very much .

The doctor asked what is the name of this doctor, she said doctor Ishan and immediately the doctor burst into tears. The woman was consoling her and asked why he is crying, he said, am doctor Ishan , so all this troubles and challenges is as results of your prayers.

Then woman too started crying, he attended to the child, glory be to God. He recovered from the sickness.

Morale of the story is that with love and hope one can go very far in life couple with prayer and patient.

God answered the woman's prayer that is why the whole passenger plane were challenged, that is to show that what belong to you will definitely come you way, when the time is due and what is not for you will never come even if the whole of mankind support you. But that is not to say  hardwork is not of it.


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