Preparation of bovine tongue

How to cook beef tongue: delicious cooking recipes


Beef tongue is considered a delicacy dish due to its soft and delicate texture, vitamins and nutrients contained in its composition. It is often possible to meet him on a festive table in a beautiful design. The structure of the tongue is a whole muscle, so its main component is proteins; carbohydrates and fats are practically absent. Beef tongue is easily digested, as it contains a minimal amount of connective tissue. It is the latter fact that makes it a dietary dish. However, in order to preserve these wonderful and useful qualities of the language, you need to cook it properly.


Nutritional value

Beef tongue is not only delicious, but also a very useful product. Nutritionists like to include it in the diet of their customers due to its low calorie content: 100 grams of this delicacy contains only 170 kcal


The main component of beef tongue is proteins, which are easily digested


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