Priya's childhood days, ( this is the story of girl)


Priya's childhood days, her family became in crisis of financial.Because her uncle was a criminal ,

Some policemen came to capture him,but he ran away from the house ,all the time the policemen kept their eyes on them.

Her parents decided to keep their two beautiful daughters with her grandparents in the village.

There were so many people taking care of their daughter in the grandparent house.

Next morning they packed their bags and went to the grandparents' home.

The village was not so far away from home. There was only a four hour distance to reach there from her home.Every one was happy to see them .

Dadi said,"Arre mera beta aaya hi"(o my son has come!).She was so happy .

Dada said," mera pota and poti aaye hain"(my grand daughter and my grandson have come!)

They were surprised as well as happy to see them . Her younger uncle and his wife were happy to see them. Her aunt came with glasses of lassi in the village , where there is a tradition of drinking lassi.

Village homes were so amazing. There were lots of rooms,swings ,fields of farming,ladies were fetching water from wells,and there was a big space in the home called aangan.


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Quickly, her mother and aunt were went to the kitchen,to cooked food.Both sister were playing dolls game in aagaan.Her father,uncle grandmother and grandfather,they sat down at traditional bed called Khatiya in aagaan.

In afternoon, her cousin brothers and sisters went from college.They were so glanced look us

At night, after dinner all the elders sat down in the aagan. It was an amazing time to spend with family members in the village especially.

Dada asked,what happened dear son?''

Father said, "Babuji Ram became a criminal, the policeman searched him for arrest.They all the time kept eyes on us.They why we were here to keep my daughters for some months."

Dada said,"It's ok son ,it's your home don't worry about them.They were my daughters.


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Next morning, her father and mother went back to town.Happily both sisters lived there, grandparents , uncle ,aunt & a cousin were very loving & caring.

Sister went there with their books and toys. From morning they wake up and touch their elder's feet and say Namaste to everyone. I Took a bath, dressed nicely, and went for breakfast with my grandparents, uncle and aunty. My cousins already went to college.

In the afternoon, when my cousins came back from college. They all played hide- seek , run-run games.

In the evening, her younger cousin brother Arjun called to Priya in the corner. And asked her, "You want some chocolate. Priya says, "yes."

(That time Priya was only 5 years old child )

Arjun said,"If you want chocolate,when everyone sleeps at night, then you come into my room."

Priya and her sister slept with her grandparents.

At night time, when everyone slept, Priya already slept.But Arjun came into their room, switched on the light to search Priya 's place.

His grandfather woke up and asked what happened to you. Why did you come in this time? It's too late.Arjun said,"Nothing Dadu,I just searched for the cat to enter this room."

Dadu said,"Go sleep , It's too late at night ."

Arjun went from the room. But he stayed outside after half an hour, again he entered the room. He knew the Priya's and her elder sister's place, both were sleeping side by side.He went to the Priya's legs,she wore a frock and her elder sister also wore a frock.He touched her whole body and also touched her elder sister's body.

(Her elder sister aged was 7 year old )




Slowly, slowly he touched with his tongue.His tongue moved to her breast ,he sucked her breast, he was sucking Priya and another hand on her elder sister's breast. He played with both sisters. One time , he sucked Priya 's and the next time he sucked her elder sister's breast after 1 hr,he left the room.

In the morning, both woke up and her elder sister said, what happened to our clothes ? 

Arjun called Priya in his room, gave her chocolate. He locked the room, turned off his clothes and put off Priya's clothes and also licked her below abdomen parts. He holds his private part(penis)to Priya.

Priya said,"What are you doing with me ? Please stop it, let me go.I don't like it . "

Arjun said,"I love you. It's my love for you .Please don't tell anybody about this."

Priya asked,"Why? and what is love ?"

Arjun replied,"When you grow up then you understand the meaning of love."

Arjun said,"everyone hits you.

( Priya was small child, she was only 5 years old child , she was completely fear)

(He continuously used her )

Next morning, Arjun called his elder sister in his room. He did the same things.

Both sisters became scared with him.Both sisters shared with you all things that happened to them.Both sisters prayed to God,please save us with this bad boy.Sisters were speechless,they couldn't play with their dolls. They shut their lips, never saying any words to anybody.

He always used them for his lustrous behavior. Both sisters hate his younger cousin brother Arjun.

After one month, her parents came there to take them back home.


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