Promote 'Kimjongunism', Kim Jong-Un Called Delete His Father-Grandfather Photos

Pyongyang - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has reportedly deleted photos of his father, Kim Jong-Il and his grandfather, Kim Il-Sung. Kim Jong-Un is said to have ordered his officials to promote the ideology of 'Kimjongunism' to escape the shadow of his ancestors. Reporting from DailyMail, Friday (11/5/2021), Kim Jong-Un has removed photos of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il from government offices in Pyongyang. South Korea's spy agency said the term 'Kimjongunism' was being promoted among the government. Kim is also referred to in state media as the 'great leader', a term usually used for his grandfather, Kim Il-Sung.

One expert said that respect for ancestors has been the foundation of the Kim family. According to him, Kim Jong-Un's move was unprecedented. However, Kim Il-Sung previously also banned the works of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin in an attempt to create an ideology and leave his own legacy. The changes were seen as a step in Kim Jong-Un's confidence in his grip on power, a month before the 10th anniversary of his reign as ruler. "The signal is very clear. Kim Jong-Un doesn't like certain aspects of the system his father and grandfather have forged - in particular the binding legitimacy of successors to respect for their predecessors. The current leader wants to be his own autocrat," said a North Korea expert at Kookmin University in Seoul told NK News, Fyodor Tertitskiy. 'Kimjongunism' has not yet been broadcast by North Korean official media but has been detected by South Korean spies.

South Korea's National Intelligence Service briefed lawmakers in Seoul about the development of 'Kimjongunism' last week. Previously Kim Il-Sung also used 'Kimilsungism' to describe his ideology in the 1970s.


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