Prospects for Russia's transition to solar energy evaluated

The Ministry of Energy assessed the possible perspectives of Russia's transition to renewable energy sources, in particular solar panels. As a stimulating measure the authorities want to offer subsidies for the purchase of equipment from local manufacturers, reports "Izvestia".

The Ministry is discussing to reach 1 GW of micro-generation capacity by 2030. For almost 100 thousand households it is suggested to use solar energy as "the most flexible and at the same time the easiest solution for installation". The Association of Solar Energy Enterprises estimated that the value could reach 23 MW by the end of 2021 - it would need to be increased 40-fold to meet the plans of the Ministry of Energy.

According to experts, the country will be able to achieve the planned figures in a number of cases, including reducing the cost of equipment, an increase in grid electricity tariffs, and increased lending from banks. However, the widespread use of solar panels will require large expenditures. According to the analysts' calculations the equipment of 100 thousand homes will cost 30-35 billion rubles.

However, some experts did not assess the possible transition to such energy sources. They pointed out the peculiarities of the country's climate and the low level of development of the technological base among the problems. "Citizens will be forced to make large expenditures, which will not pay off, or it will require large expenditures from the budget," said Vladislav Ozorin, deputy chairman of the scientific and expert council of the Council of the Federation Council working group.

Earlier the majority of IKEA chain stores in Russia switched to the renewable energy. Fourteen hypermarkets, the Russian distribution division and three shopping centers, including Mega Khimki, Mega Teply Stan and Mega Belaya Dacha, were connected to solar energy.


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