Proven tips to get more views on your content

Most of us who like to share are blogs or content are wandering about how to get more views on our content. And there are many content on the internet from which you can actually get ideas to increase your views. But today I would point out those tips which worked out for me as a content creator on different platforms. 

Its not always applicable for each one of us to apply those tips but if you try to follow at least some of them, I guarantee you your viewers will increase with no begging or other things. You can grow only by your content.

1. First of all select a niche which you are interested about. Many will say that work on those niche which are trending. I say dont go for that. Its better to work on those  topics which interests you most, in which you have good knowledge and you can create a good lot of content in future on that topic. Definitely you have to carry on with your content creation if you want a career or earning. So you need to select your niche or subject most wisely so that you can run the show for many days. 

2. Secondly study or ask question on the things you are creating. Make a list of all the questions coming to your mind oin that subject. Answer them through your content. People are actually wanting to get solution. So a more objective and solution oriented content would actually draw a lot of viewers to your content.

3.Try to be regular on content creation . Dont give too much gap between successive content. This can demotivate your viewers and other creators may draw their attention.

4.Try to create some quality content by working hard on your subject. If you need to read books, consult others, do them. Do whatever to create quality content. Try to cover all parameters of creating a super quality content. The more interesting things you brimng about in your content the better. 

5. Think out of the box for creating your content. Dont get influenced by other content creator or other contents on the internet. Your content must be your brainchild and not others. You try to create something which others havent thought about. Think deeply do a little bit of research and go out of the box to create your signature content. Your content should highlight your thoughts, your ideas and your originality which can never be copied by others. 

6.And last but not the least point is that you have to do your own marketing in whatever way you think applicable for you. There are so many platforms where you can publish or share your content without any money, find out those platforms and expose your content to others because all should know that you are a good content creator. But they might not know you personally. So try to reach those stranger viewers who would actually love to read or watch your content eventually. So this is very important point.  


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