Proving your beauty to the world

Proving your beauty to the world .

The growing trend of women to prove to their beauty to the world so that they are liked, for money, for fame  has gone beyond being human.It brings back ancient times when people would move naked .It strips you of being human .(Another way of selling one's body for money)

Pregnant mothers ,fat women take nudes to prove their beauty to the world.This is intended to make every body think this is cute but it depends on the viewer still(one man's meat is another man's poison).Y'all understand the consequences of walking naked .Is stripping improvement or retrogression?

I feel  most people are doing it to be liked yet they hate it and in the end it messes with their mind, putting too much pressure on one's self,some commit sucide,you have to do drugs to keep up  with this lack of privacy ,lose your life, peace and that's the  end of you.   


We don't need to prove our beauty to anyone apart from our selves .Happiness is beauty.We are all imperfect human beings and that's what makes us special.If we all looked the same, how could we have  indentified one another in this world ?



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