PSG Goalkeeper Dilemma: Donnarumma Under Pressure

Since the start of the season, Gianluigi Donnarumma has displayed his ability to deliver both stellar performances and disappointing outings. The Italian international's recent displays have left much to be desired, raising concerns about his position as the undisputed goalkeeper at PSG. However, the emergence of Arnau Tenas during the match against Le Havre has sparked a potential competition for the coveted goalkeeper spot. Adding to the intrigue, PSG coach Luis Enrique has expressed his admiration for Tenas and his suitability for the team's playing style.

After a debut season where he shared playing time with Keylor Navas, Gianluigi Donnarumma secured the starting goalkeeper role for PSG for the second consecutive season. Following the departure of Christophe Galtier, it is now Luis Enrique who has entrusted the Italian shot-stopper with the number one jersey. However, Donnarumma's recent performances have cast doubt on his reliability as the team's last line of defense. While he has the ability to make remarkable saves and secure victories for his side, as demonstrated in the triumph over Reims (3-0), he has also been prone to costly errors that put PSG in precarious situations. This was evident in the team's last three matches, where a failed clearance against AS Monaco led to an equalizer before PSG eventually triumphed (5-2). Against Newcastle, despite having a relatively uneventful game, his mishandling of a routine save allowed Alexander Isak to open the scoring. Adding to his woes, Donnarumma's ill-executed challenge resulted in a red card during the match against Le Havre.

While Donnarumma's form continues to falter, Arnau Tenas stepped up admirably in the game against Le Havre, showcasing an impressive and composed performance. The Spanish goalkeeper's ability to play with confidence and skill on the ball has reignited the discussion of whether he could challenge Donnarumma for the starting position. L'EQUIPE suggests that this competition is not out of the question, and Luis Enrique's comments during the press conference have further intensified the pressure on Donnarumma. The PSG coach revealed his familiarity with Tenas, having previously called him up to the senior squad during their time together in the U21s. Furthermore, Enrique acknowledged that Tenas perfectly embodies the style of play he envisions for the team, particularly with his ability to initiate play from the back.

As the season progresses, PSG finds itself facing a goalkeeper dilemma. Donnarumma's inconsistency and recent errors have left his position vulnerable, while Tenas' impressive performance has caught the attention of both fans and the coaching staff. The competition for the starting goalkeeper role at PSG has been reignited, and it remains to be seen how Donnarumma will respond to the pressure and whether Tenas will be given more opportunities to stake his claim.


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