PUBG Mobile 2 - PUBG New State: Survival Shooter

I. PUBG Mobile 2 Information - PUBG New State

 Genre: Action

 Graphics: 3D

 Mode: Online

 Age:  18 years old and up

 Publisher: KRAFTON


 Release date: Updating

 Game Price: Free

 II.  PUBG Mobile 2 gameplay - PUBG New State

 1. Gameplay

 PUBG New State has the same gameplay as its first version.  In the game, you or your team will parachute onto a deserted island.  The island is full of infrastructure, houses, cities, schools, factories, ... divided into many different areas.

In each area, players can collect guns, ammunition, equipment, ... Your task and your teammates are to try to use equipment, weapons, vehicles, ... to knock down all the other players to be the last survivor.

 A circle is gradually shrinking and the player must always stay in this circle if he does not want to die from being continuously drained by external radiation.

 2. Characters

 If in the first version, the character only played the role of the player's representative when participating in the war, in PUBG New State, when the world became modern, the character's limbs were replaced by machines and characters. can now also use some unique skills.

At the beginning of the match, the system allows the player to choose from a number of abilities, corresponding to the role in the team or simply to help increase the player's survivability.

 You can choose the ability to launch Drones, swing ropes, create shields or have stronger healing abilities,... These skills contribute to making the battle more dramatic, thrilling and attractive.

 3. Weapons and equipment

 Familiar guns such as AK-47, Kar98, AWM, M24, ... are now improved, changed with a completely new look. They became much more modern, increasing sharply in both power, stability, range or reload speed.

 Accompanied by the appearance of many weapons in a future world. With the power as well as the ability to fight extremely strong.

In addition to weapons, vehicles now also have a new layer of clothing.  Forget about vintage cars from decades past.

 Now, in PUBG Mobile 2, you can completely sit in a supercar, ride a modern motorcycle or drive a futuristic super-tech car.  They are improved from speed to stability during operation.

 4. Map

The PUBG New State map is an extremely large 8x8 map.  However, with the improved speed of the aforementioned supercars, fast travel will not be a problem for you.

 Your problem will now be trying to get used to a completely new battlefield, from trees, houses, factories, schools, ... This is not only an interesting point but also  is a real challenge for players.

 You will need to try to memorize new locations, choose locations to easily battle in each match.

 5. Coordinate with teammates

 PUBG New State's coop mode is similar to the first version.  In each match, you can choose to play alone, or team up with 1, 2 or 3 of your friends to fight together.

However, a note about skill selection, you and your teammates will not be able to choose the same skill in every battle. That means only one player on the team can use Drones, create shields or have the ability to swing, ...

 This factor requires you and your teammates to have a good relationship, assignment as well as a clear strategy in each battle.

 III. Sound - Graphics

 1. Sound

 PUBG New State has many significant audio upgrades. The background music includes many fast-paced, epic songs that lift the player's spirits before entering dramatic battles. Besides, the sound effects are much more vivid and clear.

 Each weapon has its own sound, clearly showing the power and strength in each shot. Thereby, helping the game increase its authenticity, drama and attraction. Make a strong impression on players.

 2. Graphics

PUBG New State is spectacularly upgraded in terms of graphics quality. Players enter a world completely different from the previous version. Highly detailed graphics, from houses, trees to infrastructure or even each weapon are extremely sophisticated and perfect.

 Character creation is now more shimmering, some parts of the body can also be replaced by machines, creating the unique features of each character.

 Besides, the combat effects are also somewhat more spectacular, from how to release bullets, bomb, move, crawl, crawl, dodge, all are perfectly designed, helping the game leave an impression. strong image for gamers.

 IV. Configuration to play PUBG Mobile 2 - PUBG New State

 1. Androi

 Android version varies by device.

 PUBG New State is really a breakthrough step of PUBG publisher. Not only will there be obvious upgrades in terms of graphics and sound, but the player's experience will also be greatly improved. In your opinion, is PUBG New State really interesting? Download and experience it now.


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Good information for bgmi player

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