Purpose and construction of a bendable smartphone

     The design has advantages. A device folded in half is easier to carry in your pocket, and if it is not folded, a bendable device is more ergonomic. In addition, new devices promise to be more resistant to damage. Note that the curved configuration is better suited for conversations, that is, the device is more convenient to put to the cheek. The novelty definitely evokes a super effect and should attract users with its strangeness. 

    LG G Flex and G Flex 2 models, and Samsung Galaxy Round had curved screens, but rigid bodies. According to the statements of their owners, such devices are easier to use with one hand: to hold it in the palm and move the thumb in an arc, not on a plane. The functionality of bendable devices is even higher.  A 7-inch phablet can easily be folded in half, which means there will be no problem to carry it in your pocket. The Lenovo smartphone can also be worn on the wrist like a watch.

    Over the past 10 years, engineers have more or less learned how to make flexible OLED displays. LED cells are formed on a substrate of flexible plastic or flexible metal film, which are covered with a thin protective film.  To create fully flexible smartphones, you need not only the screen, but also its other parts - the battery, printed circuit boards, and all enough elastic. And it's not yet possible to make all the components as such. Most likely, today's first flexible smartphones are short-lived - no one knows how many folds and unfolds they will last until there are cracks on the body and black bars on the screen.

    Engineers are increasingly introducing carbon nanotubes into the insides of smartphones - their structure resembles a microscopic sheet of wire mesh rolled up into a cylinder. Such material is embedded in both conductors and batteries. On the basis of this technology Apple develops its own device. The patent documentation states that the internal structures consist of carbon nanotubes, which form flexible and crack-resistant conductors, circuit boards, antennas and other electrical components.


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