Putin is at war with everyone!!!

The Kremlin insures and insures the executors of its policy against possible accusations β€” for what was done yesterday, and for what may happen tomorrow…

Vladimir Putin intends to break with another international obligation of Russia (the aggressor country - according to the Law of Ukraine of 20.02.18). He sent to the parliamentary department of his administration, known to the outside world as the "State Duma" an order (for external consumption β€” the "bill") on the non-recognition of the competence of the international commission to investigate alleged violations of humanitarian law in international armed conflicts.

More precisely, Konstantin Eggert writes about the revocation of the recognition of this body made by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1989 in an article for Deutsche Welle.

The topic is "Panic in Moscow". Putin wants to withdraw from the agreement on the punishment of crimes in international armed conflicts

, the commission's activities are an organic part of the Fourth Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilians in Time of War. Since 1993, the UN has recognized it as an integral element of the usual norms of international law, that is, mandatory for all parties to armed conflicts.

The fear of the West has not gone away


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