R. Kelly, accused of rape, named the stars involved in the case

R. Kelly, accused of rape, named the stars involved in the case.


New details have emerged in the case of American singer Robert Sylvester Kelly (aka R. Kelly), accused of human trafficking and sexual assault, as the singer and producer has begun testifying against other stars. According to local media, he may have been involved in a number of serious crimes under investigation against Kelly, such as Drake, P. Daddy and Asher.

A hearing for the singer of the hit song I Believe I Can Fly is scheduled for May 2022. Kelly could face up to life in prison, but the singer's lawyers are trying to get him sentenced to 10 years. In an attempt to mitigate the likely punishment, the producer agreed to cooperate with law enforcement and talked about the atrocities committed by his show business colleagues. There's now a lot of online discussion that Kelly, 51, acted with the support of a loyal network of handlers, lawyers, venues, musicians, labels, notes The Root/

Recall, the singer has also been accused of sexual assault, which also involved underage girls. 

According to the U.S. press, by cooperating with the investigation, Kelly gave away a certain rapper and world-class rapper. He claims that these celebrities allegedly had an affair with underage girls. One of the suspects is named rapper Jay-Z. The fact that he and Beyoncé were on the guest list of the island of the late American businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of sex crimes, also casts a shadow over his name.

It is also noted that Puff Daddy, Usher and Drake may have been among the names R. Kelly named.  The latter, according to several U.S. publications, had been close to minors in the recent past. He was in a relationship with "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown, 14, whom Drake allegedly advised on how to date. 

It is also noted that R. Kelly may have turned in several other artists with whom he worked as a music producer.

It is worth noting that the rapper's fans have taken the new information in his case with great interest. At the same time, many of them pointed out that they could not believe that Kelly committed such inhumane acts and could then turn in his colleagues in order to soften the charges against him.

Recall that Kelly had previously been detained and then released after a court hearing; it was reported that he owed alimony arrears that he had not paid for several years.


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