Rakshabandhan (INDIAN FESTIVAL)

Firstly, HAPPY RAKSHABANDHAN to all my wordos I hope you all spend a great time with your loved ones.

I am a single child in my family so in short no siblings, and yeah it is sad. I know I know how much annoying siblings are but you still love them right ? I always craved for an elder brother I don't know why I want protective men but yeah I always wanted even I tied rakhis on so many wrists but you know what blood relations hit differently.

To all those who are wondering what I am talking about let me brief you about the topic I am spilling my feelings regarding an INDIAN FESTIVAL known as RAKSHABANDHAN on this day sisters tie an purely intensified thread with all her love on her brother's wrist and the brother promises her that she will always be protected by him.

Now let's come to my story again, I just love the feeling of having a BIG BROTHER maybe just because I don't have one. I am writing this on 21st August 2021 and tomorrow on 22nd we have Rakshabandhan and I am going to tie rakhi on one of my brother's wrist because the collages are still online otherwise I would be crying like every other year. One thing I want to say that when you have a brother or sister just shower them with all the loves because me having none can tell you how bad it feels maybe you all have so you don't feel like they are so special and important and you can see them 24/7 so we tryna take people for granted but trust my words when you will get separated you will feel that pain, ang regretting then won't be beneficial so love your siblings ,if because of them you get scolded for your academics just laugh it out because these happy sad moments will turn into the cherish able ones later.

At last I just congratulate you all on being lucky enough to get siblings'love enjoy today as well as tomorrow, be happy, be caring and celebrate the festival with utmost love❤️.


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