Reality of life (1)

Chapter one 

    Nadia loves going to the stream to fetch water because she  loves swimming. whenever she goes to fetch water,before fetching, she will always one a faithful day,she had a dream  that she got drown in the river.

And as she woke up,she was ask to go and fetch water for the family with  fear in her heart,trying to recall all she saw,She dint know how to decline the message. 


Chapter two 

    She left for stream After so much preasure and persuassion.

    Should I tell mummy what I saw in the dream,she ask her self.with the tauth of NOBODY will believe her,but rather they will think she is trying to fake excuses so she wont go to stream.

  So she proceeded to the river.

Getting to the river,she met it so quiet not evil a sound on bird was being heard as she sat,and begin to think about the dream she had. 

   A tauth  came your cloth and swim as usual 

Another tauth,No dont swim,just fetch water and go home.

Now she was confuse 

And full of fear on what to do.


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