REALITY of life (3)

Chapter five



  I have made a big mistake. She said. She is finally losing strength. 


 There was a noise behind, she cried somebody help me.

Behold it was hunter.who are you? The hunter asked and quickly rushed to where she was,to rescue her.

 He (The hunter) began to drill water away from her.

Who are you?

Whats your name?

What really happened?

 Nadia who couldn't answer, Nodded her head.


Chapter six



  Nadia was taken to the hunter.

After 8hours,she regain her strength and began to ask after her parents.

So the hunter helo her trace her way back home. 

Geting home,she cried out,and hugged her mother, and began to explain to her all that has happened.the family thanked the hunter greatly. 

  She (Nadia)told her family about the dream she had,and how it became a reality. 

The father blamed her for not sharing the dream with them before leaving for stream.

 She cried  and said, I was controlled by fear.indeed this is a Reality of life the mother said. 


Never judge, or conclude from your fear.a problem shared, is a problem solve.



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