Reasons Why I Love You


1. I love your eyes when you smile.

2. You encourage me to be the best version of my self.

3. We talk about everything for hours.

4. I love the way you look at me.

5. I love your tastes.

6.I love our morning cuddles cuddles.

7.You are a hardworker.

8.I love your smell that reassures me.

9.You are my rock.

10.You are always ready to defend me and stand by my side.

11.I love you becouse you know me well that i do not have to talk to express my feelings.

12. I love you becouse you always laugh at my jokes even when they are not funny.

13.You want to know my dreams and help me to achieve them.

14. I love you becouse i know i can be myself with you.

15.I love you becouse when we are together, silence is never uncomfortable.

15. I love you because everything seems brighter around you.

16. You accept my anger and sadness.

17. You're the person i've me been dreaming with.

18.You teach me, unconditional love.

19. I love how we form a great team.

20.You always make me laugh.

21. I love the way our hands fit together perfectly.

22. We understand each other without talking.

23. You always let me sing even if I'm terrible at it.

24.You always deliver and never lie to me.

25. You are always ready for a new adventures.

26. You want the best for us 


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