Reasons why older women retain men better than younger girls

They are quicker to learn a man because of past experience. Adult women have more experience. Both personal and those they have gained from others. Because women are constantly discussing their personal lives, they know more things within that subject. More than young girls.


And a woman learns a man faster. Knows what to push, what to mention, how to say it, and so on. She already knows the man. She knows what to do to make him change his mind. After all, women often manage men, and adult women are better at it.


Also, adult women are more likely to be willing to do serious things. For example, a wedding or a baby. An adult woman understands that there may not be any new chances. That's why she wants to hold on to a man by any means necessary. That is why many rush to get married.


A woman may even convince a man that a child is necessary. They have one, and it becomes easier to keep a man.


Young girls don't do that. After all, they hope for the future. That there will be another man in the future, you don't want to cling to the one that wants to leave. And even if you do want to cling, a rare girl will go to the same serious lengths as adult women do.


Whether or not to hold on to a man is up to each woman. Here I've just laid out two reasons why it's better for adult women.


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