Reasons why you should communicate less with people and enjoy living alone

Lack of influence over opinions. We are social creatures, so we can often change our opinion, adjust to another. For example, people from your work think a certain movie is good, and you don't. But to keep company, you say you like it.

And there are many little situations like that, every day. And sometimes we consciously change our minds, and sometimes we blindly follow others. For example, when everyone says it's fashionable to wear a certain thing. Some people blindly listen and wear that thing. I think the point is clear. We lose identity in society, to a greater or lesser extent.

Physical influence. This is where the neighbors come to mind. Someone is drilling, someone is yelling. Someone will say or do something bad in the entryway. This is especially understandable to those who live in a big city. Every day we run into people.

And sometimes we have unpleasant physical experiences. Maybe someone jostling in the subway, or worse. It's hard to live peacefully when there are so many interactions with people every day, especially when those interactions are physical.

Think back to the great minds. Many great minds lived alone. After all, there were few who could share their thoughts. And when we interact with people who are sillier than we are, we ourselves are sillier. And if a smart person wants to keep his mind, he needs to go into solitude.

Or very qualitatively filter the circle of communication, it is quite difficult. But, in fact, it will also be loneliness. For companionship or meetings will be created very rarely. It is difficult to develop the mind in the company of people, especially if communication occurs every day.


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