Reasons You Should Regularly Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is a processed product made from fermented milk. Yogurt is also known as a food source that is very high in probiotics and other bacteria for health. What are probiotics? Probiotics are good bacteria that can help with digestive problems. These include constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and reducing gas that causes farts.


Yogurt that tastes a little sour is quite popular with many people. The choice of flavors that produce yogurt also varies. There are orange flavors, strawberry flavors, blueberry flavors, grape flavors, and other fruit flavors.


In addition to being beneficial for digestive problems, yogurt turns out to have a myriad of other health benefits. Even yogurt is said to reduce the risk of cancer. It's amazing!


There are several benefits when you often consume yogurt, including the following.


Lowering the Risk of Lung Cancer


Research conducted by Vanderbit University Medical Center published that eating yogurt every day can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 20 percent. Therefore, the results of this study can show that the content of probiotics and bacteria in yogurt has substances to counteract the causes of inflammation and cancer cells.


Lowering Blood Pressure


Eating yogurt can help lower high blood pressure, especially in women. Women who have been consuming yogurt for a long time, especially when coupled with a diet, will get a lower risk of high blood pressure by up to 20 percent.


Strengthen Immune System


In addition to the presence of probiotics, the content of mineral substances such as magnesium, zinc, selenium is also present in yogurt. Consuming yogurt regularly has an important role for health. It can also boost the immune system which can protect the body from disease. The vitamin D found in yogurt has also been studied to help prevent colds and flu.


Preventing Fungal Infections in the Female Area


It turns out that yogurt can help prevent the appearance of yeast infections in women's sensitive areas. Lol why? It turns out that yogurt has a content that can help balance the Ph levels so that the fungus does not dare to come.


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