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Work-from-Home Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are a great way to utilize your attention to detail, accuracy, and typing skills to establish a great work-from-home career.


Employers currently hiring people with data entry skills are in fields like technology, business, and healthcare..

If you’re searching for legit at-home jobs in data entry, you should know the job titles that match your particular skills and that will save you an extreme amount of time.

Your responsibilities as a data entry professional might be document preparation, proofreading data,  billing, and editing data.  Here are a some job titles to search for that will get you started.


The following are some good option if you’re just getting into the field of online work.

Data Entry Clerk

The most common remote work is data entry. This involves inputting  information, either alphabetical or numeric, from one format to another, into  a database. Clerks update, maintain, and retrieve information. Data is  normally entered from paper documents to a computer.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant is another job that has data entry components to it. Some tasks may include maintaining and creating spreadsheets, performing data entry,  bookkeeping, and filing. Almost all companies that hire for this need people that know data entry.

Accounting Specialist

The role of accounting specialist mostly involves data entry tasks, and most want applicants with data entry experience. Entering accounts payable and receivable, entering invoices, and keeping records up to date are common data entry-related tasks of this person.

Clinical Data Manager

This role often involves working in research, medical, or scientific settings. Extensive related experience and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field are also typical requirements. Responsibilities might  include budgets, quality control, and workflow management.

Data Collector

This job involves collecting data, whether from written documents or gathering the data yourself. Organizing information into a compiled report is typically the goal of a remote data collector.

Data Coordinator

Data coordinators manage data for projects, analyze information, enter information into databases, verify accuracy of information, and potentially write summaries of data. This type of role is easily done from home.

Data Manager

Data managers will oversee the data management process and teams. A manager will need to be able to resolve issues, lead meetings, and ensure projects are completed correctly. This role will usually require a few years of data entry experience.

Medical Billing

Medical billing roles  involve data entry tasks. Medical billers may have to enter payment information into spreadsheets and databases, apply appropriate billing codes, and track medical claims. This will usually require the ability to be detailed and work with ICD-10 codes.


Good luck on your journey. I hope this information helped you in some way.


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