Red velvet cake - just melts in your mouth

Red Velvet Cake is an amazing combination of juicy and velvety crusts with a delicate and smooth creamy custard. The American Red Velvet Cake is a spectacular, delicious and very hearty dessert that you can make at home if you wish. The cut alone makes the hearts of many a sweet tooth beat faster, and the dense yet soft cupcake dough just melts in your mouth.


For me personally, the Red Velvet cake is a mystery. The color of the dessert initially tries to deceive the taste buds (it seems that you just enjoy a creamy cake), but then you realize that the aftertaste is chocolate! It's hard to describe the texture of the cakes in two words... I think you get something between a well-baked brownie and a juicy muffin. There's absolutely nothing of the classic biscuit here.


I suggest you make the cream based on a soft and velvety cream cheese (in my case Mascarpone) with the addition of heavy cream whipped with powdered sugar. For the base, buy Creme Cheese, Philadelphia, Almette, and similar cheeses if you like. Whipping cream (33-35% fat) can be easily made at home. The amount of powdered sugar can be adjusted to your liking.


Wheat flour for the dough I use the highest grade, kefir - 2.5% fat, butter - 82.5%. Replacing the latter product with margarine or spreads is personally unacceptable to me! We use unsweetened cocoa powder, medium-sized chicken eggs (50-55 grams each), and if desired, we make the leavening agent on our own.


A few more words about the red dye, which plays a very important role in the preparation of red velvet cake. I use a food-gel dye Top Decor (mixture for coloring foodstuffs) Ltd. That's the kind of dye I needed 10 grams, you adjust to your own. Dry food dyes will also work, but then it is more convenient to combine them with flour, baking powder and cocoa. True, in this case you will have to calculate the exact amount of dye yourself.


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