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When it comes to personal finance advice, there's so much information out there. It can be dizzying to sort through perrsonal finance podcasts, books and blog posts. I mean, which personal financial experts should you trust? and where do you go for some easy-to-understand personal finance tips?

In Reddit :

Reddit's user-generated content is free and can be a good source of information if you want to improve your financial situation.

The Best Financial Advice from personal Finance Redditors we've selected awesome financial advice from the Reddit sub reddit personal finance. We even seen through posts and comments to find some gems to help you take action with your money. Are you ready? Take a look

Save or pay off debt based on:

your situation should you save or pay off debt? It's an age-old question and the answer can vary. This Reddit user shares the nuance of the situation. If your job is secure and you have strong relationships, an emergency fund of up to three months can be a good start. you have strong relationships, an emergency fund of up to three months can be a good start. This way you can focus on repaying debt. If your employment situation is less stable, saving a larger emergency fund is a better option before going beast mode on your debt. So, build your emergency fund based on your situation an work toward getting out of deb. We love this post because we also believe in paying yourself first. Most people spend first and then feel like they have nothing to save. Here we are reminded that we should save and invest first, and then see how much we can spend on everything else. Automatically saving can help you do this. Using Chime, you can automatically save 10 percent every time you get paid. You can also round up your purchases so you're saving every time you spend.

Have you ever checked your bank account and winced? Have you ever wondered just how much you charged on your credit card? Keeping yourself in the dark about spending can lead to debt. That's why a budget is a perfect antidote to keep your spending in check and avoid credit card debt. To start, create a budget, track your expenses, and check your bank and credit card balances everyday.

Let's face it, investing is scary. There's risk involved and so many factors outside of our control. But keeping all your money in cash and not investing anything is no the wisest choice. So, start by figuring out your risk tolerance and investing some of your money, while also keeping some Of your money liquid in cash savings.

It's a catch 22. To get approved for a credit card, you need to have credit history. But how can you build credit history if you've never had a credit card and no one will give you one with no credit? Here, the Reddit user shares his or her experience in banking and getting a credit card with limited credit. For starters, get a card from your bank, use a co-signer, get a store card, or even a secured card. The key is to repay your balance in full and on-time.

There's so much student loan advice out there. Here we have simple advice. Save up a few months of expenses as a cushion, then pay off your student loans fast. After that, take the amount you put toward debt and save and invest it.

Get started read to improve your finances? You can start by checking out these Reddit personal finance tips on everything from paying offo Your student loans, building your credit score and asking for a raise. What financial tips would you add?


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