Relationship market

Sometimes these relationships only compel a person. Leaving everything to live in loneliness.

Trying to catch Rishto by dragging him as much as possible. He leaves with the same hand.

The relationships that are made from the heart are maintained throughout the life, otherwise if there is a feeling like greed, greed, jealousy, to let them take in the relationship. So the relationship breaks down on its own.

This poem of mine is written on the relationship of these hearts. '

I present to you

of the floor relationship

We were also standing in a long queue in the market of relationships. '

It was all around. Fair everyone was alone in the crowd.

A traveler shouted "Come come take the relationship".

Take sweet, lovely, lovely relationships while singing with colorful laughs.  

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Come on, take all my relations with me. .

Now the price has increased in the market of relationships.

Everyone stood waiting. Feels alone even in the crowd. .

The feeling kept rising, we kept going back. ' Thought the feeling would be ever less. '

No sense has decreased, only age has passed in this wait.

I asked brother, give us also a lovely relationship. ''

He asked which relationship do you want sister. '

After thinking something, I said that give me a relationship of humanity and love, brother. 

 He said that if there was humanity and love in the relationship, sister relationship would never have sold in the market.

If the relationship was tied by the strings of hearts, then neither the house was broken nor the family.

So in this poem I told how people came out to buy relationships in the market for the sake of their solitude.

Today, whatever families are breaking up, perhaps there is no sense of sacrifice in them. people are selfish Many people leave their old age homes instead of becoming the support of their parents.

Probably useless to old parents today. considered to be abandoned. Then this is the law of nature. The seed that we have sown.We will reap the same crop in future. Because every person has to do the same according to his deeds


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