Relationship tips from the world happies couple

Hugs, cuddle and kissing your partner when he least expect it. Loving gestures are one of the secrets to happy long lasting relationship.

Even if you only feel comfortable kissing and touching in private, action that show you care really do matter.


Words show you are also pretty important 85 per cent of world's happiness couple say I love you at least once a week. Many of them proffers there love everyday and they never stop saying those three words "I love you" as the year pass in there relationship.

Using effectionate nicknames and giving complements, like telling your partner they are pretty or looking great also go a long way when it comes to a healthy relationship.


Feeling confortable enough with your partner to share what's on your mind is vital to being happy together. Many couples is vital to being happy together. Many couples what's the same way thing in a relationship but they are soo embarrassed or insecure to tell there partner. That's true of couples who have been married for same years, not just those have been married for years, not just those are causual datingΒ 

Taking about sex is a perfect example. Just over half of the men in the study though there partner wasn't into having sex with them but was only doing it out for obligation. Yet when researchers asked the women whether they ever had sex becouse they felt they had to, only 37 per cent they did.


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