Remedy for spectacular hair. Quail eggs save from fragility and dandruff

Masks of quail eggs are very useful for hair. They contain amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. This makes your hair strong and healthy. After applying them, you will forget about the fragility of curls.

Masks of quail eggs improve the condition of the scalp, moisturize and soothe it. Using these tools, you can get rid of problems such as hair loss, dandruff, and itching.

Mask with quail eggs

You will need 4 eggs. Beat eggs and apply on hair. Then leave the mask for an hour and rinse with warm water. To make your hair shine, rinse it with water and apple cider vinegar. Then you can use the air conditioner.

Mask with oil

You will need three to four eggs. Beat eggs and add a little castor or burdock oil. Then apply the mixture on the hair, leave the mask on for an hour and rinse with warm water.

Mask with sour cream

First, mix 4 eggs, three tablespoons of sour cream and 20 milliliters of olive oil. Next, apply the mask on your head and hair, massage thoroughly and leave for an hour. Then wash your hair well with shampoo. This mask will moisturize dry hair.

Mask with vitamins and castor oil

First, mix 4 eggs, 15 milliliters of castor oil, 10 drops of vitamin A and E. Then mix everything again until smooth and apply to hair. Wait an hour and rinse. This mask contains a complex of vitamins, so it is very useful for hair.

Hair mask with honey

First, mix 5 eggs, 45 milliliters of olive oil and 20 milliliters of honey (you can take buckwheat, May lime or herbs). Apply the resulting mixture on the hair. Wrap them in cling film and leave for 60 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Make a mask twice a week. This homemade mask nourishes the hair well. After application, you will notice that the curls have become stronger.


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