Remember the 8 things you don't need to apologize for, and stop feeling guilty all the time - it can end badly

1. Don't apologize for who you are

Never belittle yourself in order to conform to other people's ideas of how to live properly. Or conform to what you think society wants from you. This world rewards those who are unapologetic about who they are.


There is something amazing about an individual who is free within themselves. Take off your masks. There is no need to conform if you were born to stand out.


If there is someone who doesn't like you for who you are, those people shouldn't be in your life anyway. So you can use this as a good excuse to filter the people around you to find the really important and needed ones.


2. Don't apologize for your dreams.

You should never apologize for following your biggest dreams and goals in life. If there is someone trying to talk you out of it, they may not be your person. Negative thinking from loved ones and acquaintances is a virus and a dream killer.


No one should make you think that living the way you want is wrong and selfish. Pursuing your dream life and living it is a beautiful goal. Accepting a lifestyle that you do not share is the ultimate act of selfishness. You are effectively condemning everyone to the idea that this is the norm. No, it is not the norm. Seek the inspiration you want to see in your life.


3. don't apologize for making time for yourself.

The main reason you should never apologize for taking time for yourself is because it will benefit everyone around you. You can't give anything from an empty cup. Making time for yourself is essential to a happy, vibrant and fruitful life.


Find free time for your business and dreams. Moments that you can pass the time in reflection. Hours and minutes that you can spend clearing your mind. You should make time for yourself, for example, every morning. Then you will have even more that you can share with others. So take some time for yourself, make it your priority, so you can give more of your best self to the world.


4. Don't apologize for cutting ties with toxic people

It doesn't matter if they are family members, best friends for life, your husband or wife. If the relationship is destroying you from the inside, it's time to stop or limit it.


If they really cared about you more than their needs, they wouldn't make you feel this way. Show them that it's not okay to intrude on your positive energy and ruin it.


Let everyone know that you will only accept positivity in your space, love, joy and those who make you feel better. And don't forget to give too for others. Take an honest look at yourself and ask if you could do better if you weren't constantly being restricted and bullied.


5. Don't apologize for your truth if you believe in it

Those who have their truth live happily in their beliefs. Living your truth means standing up for what may be uncomfortable, but what you believe is right. It means being honest, even if you know that the outcome may not be what you want at first. However, the truth always triumphs.


6. Never apologize for your imperfections.

No one on this earth is imperfect. We all have imperfections. You should never feel that you need to hide them or apologize for them.


You should always strive to improve yourself for yourself, but don't do so because of the demands or expectations of others. Those who love you will accept you as you are. And by their own example they will inspire you to become the best version of yourself. If you have people like that around you, stick with them.


7. Don't apologize for knowing how to say "no."

Most people take on too many tasks because they just don't know how to say "no" when they need to. Taking on too much can lead to stress and overwhelm. Which, in the end, will make you live a worse life than you really deserve.


Learn to say NO firmly, but without negativity. Say YES only to the things you love and need to do.


8. Never apologize for something you didn't mean.

It's not your fault that the person understood you that way, or that they wanted to interpret your words


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