Replacing the front brake pads and disc on the Nissan Qashqai

        First of all, if it is necessary to replace the pads, the brake pedal will "go" further to the floor, which indicates that the piston comes out completely and, accordingly, the pads are worn. At the same time you should check the level of brake fluid, it may also be below the required level. The squeak or whistle when braking also indicates that it is time to replace the pads. There are special "squeaks" on the pads, which signal the wear of the pads.

        Which pads to choose for replacement. Manufacturers offer a wide range of pads to choose from, from budget to original. What to buy depends on your financial capabilities and desires. It is not necessary to buy the expensive original, you can buy cheaper, but well-established analogues. The original Nissan D1060-JD00A pads are installed from the factory. The cost of a set of front pads from 2400 rubles at the moment. Agree is not very expensive, but the original. If you want to replace the original, you can buy a pad of analogues, which are offered quite a lot.  


-D1060-JD00A ABS 37625 from 1600 rubles 

-Akyoto AKDCJD00A from 1500 rub 

-Allied Nippon ADB01577 from 1300 rub 

-Ashika 50-01-123 from 800 rub 

-Bosch 0 986 494 244 from 1700 rubles 

-Dextrim DX7FD056 from 1000 rub 

-Ferodo FDB 4051 from 1600 rubles 

-LYNXauto BD5711 from 1100 rub 

-Sangsin Brake SP1451 from 1400 rubles 

-Textar 25202 01 from 2000 rub 

-UBS B1105017 from 1200 rub 


When you change pads, please also check the brake discs, they may have worn down and need to be replaced, see below for part numbers: 

-Nissan 40206-JD00B from 4000 rubles 

-TRW DF 4964 from 2033 rubles

-NK 202272 from 1670 rubles 

-Otto Zimmermann 200.2518.20 from 2700 rubles 


Instructions for replacing the pads yourself

So, using a flat screwdriver, push the piston inside the cylinder as shown in the photo.

Then with a wrench or a 14 head, unscrew the lower guide bolt of the caliper and lift it up.

If you decide to grease the guides, then you should unscrew the top one,

and the caliper bracket itself carefully put aside.

        Remove the old pads from their seats, remove the anti-squeak plates and install them on the new pads. Lubricate the caliper guides with a special grease. In addition, you can also lubricate the anti-squeak plates themselves. Then install the new pads and reassemble in reverse order. After assembly it is necessary to press repeatedly on the brake pedal, so that the piston in the caliper cylinder has risen in its working position.


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