Researchers from Switzerland have created the largest virtual model of the Universe

The program with the largest three-dimensional model of the universe Virtual Reality Universe Project (VIRUP) created a group of experts from the Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, announced the press service of the project on October 12 on its website.


According to the project's creators, a beta version of the open-source program, which can be used to travel in a three-dimensional model of the universe, was published Oct. 12. "The novelty of this project was to combine all available data sets into one structure," said Jean-Paul Kneib, director of the EPFL Astrophysics Laboratory.


It included all available information from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey project in the United States, as well as the European Space Agency's Gaia mission and the Planck mission, which is searching for the first light of the universe. The developers also expect to add data from the Square Kilometer Array project.


Users will be able to travel using virtual reality devices, special dome screens, which are usually used in planetariums, as well as in simple mode on the monitor screen.


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