Resident Evil : Welcome to Raccoon City Trailer Makes Fans Great

Resident Evil: 

Welcome To Racoon City, resmi merilis trailer perdananya. Hanya saja setelah dipantau rupanya banyak netizen yang pesimis dengan versi full-nya nanti.

Inspired by the RE 1 and RE 2 series, the director seems to have put a lot of effort into bringing an original impression to this reboot film. But unfortunately, what is presented, does not seem to be able to give the trust of the fans.

This was revealed, from netizens who couldn't expect much for this series. Plus the dissimilarity of Avan Jogja, a handsome actor of Indian descent, who fills an important role, the most iconic figure among RE gamers, namely Leon S Kennedy.

Long hair, accompanied by a mustache and a fairly thick beard, does not reflect the authenticity of a charismatic character like Leon. Based on the trailer that appeared, from all aspects, it might be the middle parted hairstyle that is the resemblance. The rest? You can confirm for yourself.

Here are netizens' pessimistic statements, regarding the inaugural trailer for Resident Evil : Welcome to Raccoon City,


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