Revealed a way to read WhatsApp messages unnoticed by the interlocutor

Reading messages without displaying that they are read. To do this, just turn off the Internet and see what is written in the application. You also need to click for a second on the chat on the home screen after reading, and then select "Mark as unread".

Disappearing messages. To enable this feature, you need to briefly press the icon with the name of the interlocutor and then click on "Messages" - "Temporary Messages".

Message read report. You can make it so that the person you're talking to can't tell if your message has been delivered. There are two ways: through "Settings" ("Account" - "Privacy" - "Reading reports") and by installing a special widget on the smartphone screen (only suitable for Android devices).

Ban your profile picture. In WhatsApp you can hide your avatar from everyone or from some people. To do this, go to "Profile photo" through the "Account" - "Privacy".

Revealed the way to read messages on WhatsApp unnoticed by the interlocutor

Sending location. This function is located in the chat itself. You need to click on the button that allows you to add various files, and then select a location.

Reading deleted messages. There are two options (for Android smartphones): the widget or the WhatsRemoved+ app. Through them you can read even already deleted messages.

Disabling the information about the last entry into the messenger. This is done simply: through the "Settings" - "Account" - "Privacy". There you can disable the "Was(s)" function.

Listening to voice messages before sending. You must minimize the application by holding down the audio recording button. Then the message will be saved automatically, but will not be sent.


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