Rich people and representatives of the IT-sector choose the button phones. Why?

Immunity of old devices to virus software

The popularity of older devices among many affluent users is due to the fact that malware does not work on them. Modern smartphones have many options and settings that can be easily accessed by intruders, taking advantage of sensitive information.

These devices do not have a camera or access to the Internet. The current attackers are mainly targeting modern smartphone models, as their main audience is in them. They are not interested in button phones.

Lack of Internet saves you the trouble

Why do business people, people with wealth, and politicians use these old models with a minimal set of options? These devices are even preferred by programmers who understand technology.


Many realize that fewer options give less chance of data being stolen. This statement is true, and owners of iPhone devices and smartphones are often victims of scammers who want someone else's money. The reasons people give for preferring push-button phones are:


  1. There is no Internet access on the devices.
  2. The phone is only used to make calls and send messages.
  3. There are no modern applications that allow hackers access.

Older models have no access to the Internet. Lack of new technological features makes them secure. Representatives of the IT-sphere are well aware of this and thus protect personal data.

Many hacks are made possible by going online and installing applications. The downloads come from resources that are infected with viruses. The application's disguise of such manipulations makes it impossible to recognize the hack immediately.

Compared to the more expensive phones, the pushbutton devices do not support modern features. It is not possible to leak data with them, or the possibility is minimal. For this reason they are used by businessmen, politicians and influential people.


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