Rolls-Royce Phantom

Those whose presence inspires great things. Those whose voice carries weight, but who do not demand attention to themselves. Those who possess phenomenal power without flaunting it. For those few who have chosen the path of greatness, only the purest expression of the Rolls-Royce spirit is suitable. The Phantom. This iconic Rolls-Royce has a new look to match the spirit of the era. This is its eighth generation, but invariably the first in its class. The Phantom is timeless. The countdown to a new era begins. The Phantom is one of a kind. The only one is yours.

An unmistakable aura. A look that defies time. The iconic Rolls-Royce - the timeless interpretation of the modern car.

The Phantom is the first model to use the new Rolls-Royce architecture. The new aluminium space frame is lighter and stronger. Elegant gliding in silence.

The anticipation of a new Phantom encounter is ever-present. But reality always surpasses expectations. A harmonious combination of rear-wheel drive, active stability and air suspension - the car is graceful in its movements and provides a perfectly balanced driving experience.

The Phantom is awe-inspiring. Luxury and comfort are the manifesto expressed by Phantom's interior. Light up the starry sky overhead across the entire length of the cabin.Incredible frequency of the sky. This is the interior of Phantom. A touch of pure luxury. Each passenger is surrounded by magnificent materials, creating a truly unique space with an unparalleled level of comfort 

Steeped in history. A page-turner thanks to its modernity. The technology of Phantom knows no boundaries. Complete control at the fingertips of the driver and every passenger.Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII Specifications


Length 5,762 mm

Width: 2018 mm

Height: 1646 mm

GVW is 2560 kg

All-aluminum body and chassis (no tunnels in the cabin)

rear doors that open in driving direction

wheelbase 3355 mm

Rear passenger footwell 1135 mm

50x50 axle weight distribution

500 kg payload

Fuel consumption:

urban cycle 23.6 l per 100 km

country cycle 10 litres per 100 km

combined cycle 16,9 l per 100 km

range on a full tank up to 625 km


12 cylinders, biturbo

6.75 litre capacity

Power 571 hp (420 kW)

Maximum torque of 900 Nm at 1700 rpm

rear-wheel drive

New generation 8-speed automatic transmission with support of SAT (gear shifting by navigation)

air suspension of new generation with automatic adjustment of rigidity depending on driving speed and road surface quality, manual ground clearance adjustment - 3 body positions

fuel capacity - 90 l

acceleration from 0 to 100 km - 5,5 sec


Tires with ContiSeal technology (puncture protection up to 5 mm in diameter)

The latest sound absorption technology is used


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