Rules Worth Breaking at Work

Avoid personal topics

Experts say that any problems should be discussed and solved openly. If you go around the problem, the company's productivity suffers, so it is very important to solve any problem, even of a personal nature.


Career advancement

Nowadays there is a perception in the society that you have to earn more money, to reach career heights. But not everyone wants to and not everyone is ready for responsibility and power. Not always a career indicates satisfaction. Therefore, this prejudice must be destroyed. It's more important to be satisfied and enjoy your work.


Do only what is part of your duties

You should not stay in the shadows if you are sure that you have a lot of relevant and useful ideas for the development of the company. Experts are confident that such moves will be appreciated by your superiors.


Live in the office.

For many of us, a career is not our life's passion. That's why it's important to spend time outside of work, it will help facilitate our creativity at work. Find your hobbies that help you relax, feel at one with the world.


Be online 24/7.

In this day and age of technology, it's important to stay connected. Use social media to stay in touch with the right people. Send short messages via Twitter or communicate with customers online. Online communication almost always guarantees a face-to-face meeting where important corporate issues can be addressed. Eventually, keeping in touch will be a real way to advance your career.


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