Rumors about the Eurovision winners and the start of the Beat Weekend

New day — new music. The Maneskin group has released a new single "Mammamia", written after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. According to vocalist Damiano David, in it the band rethinks the rumors and assumptions about themselves that Maneskin faced after the finale.

Sign up for new courses. On October 12, the 5-month online educational program of the Nikola-Lenivets School "How and why to build a paradise on earth?" starts This is a practical course on the socio-cultural development of territories for those who want to figure out how to create and change spaces of any scale - from a small park to an entire city, as well as how to manage a creative business and make it financially successful. The speakers of the program are the best and experienced curators, urbanists, architects and experts in the development of natural and urban areas.

During the day, you can play a popular game for free. On October 12, the Ubisoft brand will allow one day to play "Riders Republic" for free on PC. Access will be open from 12:00 on October 12 to 12:00 on October 13. During these days it will be possible to try out the multiplayer modes "Mass check-in", "Duel", "Battle of tricks" and "All against all". Players will be able to use all five paths of development. The full release is scheduled for October 28.

On October 12, the annual documentary film festival about the new culture Beat Weekend will start in 15 cities of Russia. This year, Beat Weekend expands the program: the hits of the latest Beat Film Festival will be complemented by the winning films of the national competition and the premieres of short films about Russian entrepreneurs. The opening film of the festival will be "Moby" (the autobiography of the most famous electronic musician) — it can already be found online.


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