Run Windows 11 in VirtualBox? Nope!

 The scourge of Windows 11's framework prerequisites has struck, and this time the casualties are clients of VirtualBox. Anybody expecting to run the most recent rendition of Microsoft's working framework in Oracle's virtualization programming is up the creek without a paddle. 

It comes after Microsoft straightened out the necessities for running Windows 11 in a virtualized climate. The new change in approach implies that virtual machines are dependent upon similar equipment necessities as actual PCs — including the requirement for TPM 2.0. 
* AMD issues a warning about CPU weakness and provides a chipset fix. * New malware uses Windows Subsystem for Linux as an attack vector. * Microsoft requires TPM 2.0 for Windows 11 virtual machines.
All virtualization programming is being dealt with something very similar by Microsoft; Oracle has not been singled out. Be that as it may, while any semblance of Parallels and VMWare Workstation either support both Secure Boot and TPM passthrough or make virtual adaptations, the equivalent isn't valid for VirtualBox. 
When Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computer found that he couldn't introduce the most recent insider work of Windows 11 into a virtual machine, he took to Twitter to ask Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc what was happening: 
Right now, VirtualBox does not help TPM passthrough, yet it is something that the advancement group is chipping away at. A note in VirtualBox's changeset shows that the group needs to "begin executing a driver for going through a host TPM". 
There is no word on when this will be finished, but something can't come soon enough for VirtualBox clients.


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