Russia became a leader in the number of fraudulent attacks with cryptocurrency

Russia has taken the lead in the number of cryptocurrency threats. Despite the decrease in the number of attacks in the world, in Russia, on the contrary, there is an increase in interest of fraudsters in cryptocurrency wallets - every tenth scam with digital assets is committed in our country.


Threats in the area of cryptocurrencies are discussed in the report of ESET, a developer of information security solutions.

Between May and August 2021, the number of cryptocurrency threats in the world decreased by 23.6% due to the decline in the quotations of digital currencies. However, the downward trend does not apply to Russia - 10% of the total number of cryptocurrency scams occur in our country.

Following Russia in this list is Peru (6.8% of the total number), in third place is the United States (5.3%). 

The most common way to cheat is fake investment sites, where potential investors in cryptocurrency are lured by aggressive advertising tools, said ESET. Threat researchers also found a growing popularity of the method involving the names of celebrities who allegedly invest in cryptocurrency and encourage their fans to do the same.

"New investors are asked to make a deposit or to spend a large amount immediately to acquire cryptocurrency. Holders of existing cryptocurrency wallets are being persuaded to share their account credentials under the pretext of further profitability growth," said Jiri Kropacs, head of ESET's Threat Detection Labs. 

Malware, through which fraudsters gain access to cryptocurrency wallets, more often placed on sites with adult content, free data streaming portals, torrent sites and thematic cryptocurrency forums, added ESET. 


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