Russia for the first time used spy drones from a ship

For the first time in Russia drones were used from a ship. Sailors of the Caspian Flotilla used drones during exercises to monitor the targeting of Kalibr cruise missiles.

The crew of the ship "Velikiy Ustyug" fired Kalibr missiles. Visual control of target engagement was carried out for the first time using Orlan-10 and Eleron-3 drones launched from the Dagestan missile ship.

The use of drones on offshore platforms is difficult. Rocking and the limited size of a ship's deck make landing a drone difficult, and the drone's flight takes place in strong gusts of wind. In addition, the use of drones over water increases the requirements for drone communications and navigation systems.

Earlier it was told about the development of a flat nozzle for the Hunter drone. The new part will reduce the drone's visibility and increase its protection against missiles with infrared and radar homing heads.


In September, China's Aerospace CH UAV Co. unveiled the CH-6 drone. The vehicle can stay in the air for up to 20 hours.


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