Russian police officers fight over vacations

Police officers in the Russian city of Agidel in the Republic of Bashkiria had a fight because they could not agree on the dates of their leave. It was reported by the Telegram channel SHOT.


As it became known, the conflict occurred between two senior lieutenants of the traffic police. The policemen wanted to go on vacation at the same time, but neither of them wanted to yield to the other. During the argument, Inspector Aplekaev hit Inspector Abdrafikov in the face several times and then threw his ID card and badge on the table. Aplekaev then filed a report for dismissal and left.


At the moment, the instigator of the conflict does not get in touch and his whereabouts are unknown. His colleague was diagnosed with abrasions and bruises. An official check is being conducted.


In September, a contract soldier from Altai Republic started a fight with military policemen in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The soldier of the 39th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 68th Army Corps expressed his disagreement with the remark made to him by the policemen. The conflict escalated into a scuffle, and the victims, a sergeant and a corporal, sustained bruises.


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