Russians revealed useful secrets of smartphones

Anastasia Ilyicheva, an expert in testing the messenger Gem4me, revealed useful smartphone secrets to Russians. She noted that the familiar and popular functions are known to almost anyone, but there is a hidden functionality that will make the device more comfortable, the agency "Prime" writes.

The expert noted that Apple gadgets have the "Health" program, which has recently been updated. The developers have added a gait tracking feature, which allows to control posture.

Also the iPhone has quick commands, which allow to send geolocation or activate this or that action by voice with one touch. To create them, you need to go into the app and select one of the action options, there are whole libraries of already ready-made settings on the Web, which will improve the performance of the smartphone.

"Another interesting feature is implemented for the calculator, where you can delete unnecessary numbers with a simple swipe to the left or right. Swipe will also help to quickly open the currency converter. You need to open the top Spotlight and enter the required amount of currency or rubles. By the way, the last action with the phone can be canceled by simply shaking the device", - said Ilyicheva.

The expert also noted interesting features for Android users. So, the version 7.1 has a "panic mode", when you need to urgently close the hung application. To do this, you need to quickly press the back button a few times, and the system will solve the problem on its own. In addition, in version 7.0 and above, you can work in multitasking mode by sliding the tab up while holding it down. There will be room for a second application at the bottom.

Earlier, Stanislav Kosarev, director of the Faculty of Information Technology at Synergy University, named useful but unknown to many people smartphone features. According to him, they can simplify the use of the gadget, but often users simply do not realize about them. For example, it is the creation of links on the desktop screen, acceleration of animation and voice playback of text.


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