Salad "Delight"

Description of the cooking process:

Salad "Delight" is a delicious and juicy salad with smoked chicken and tomatoes. The chicken makes it very filling and the tomatoes make it juicy. It is better to prepare this salad portion by portion for each guest. The salad is bright and good for any festive table.


To prepare the salad "Delight" we need smoked chicken (you can take a fillet or a ham), fresh tomatoes, hard cheese, a garlic clove, eggs, corn and mayonnaise.


Smoked chicken cut into small cubes.


Also dice the tomatoes.


Place cubes of chicken in portions creamers, make a mayonnaise mosaic and sprinkle a little crushed garlic. Put 2-3 tablespoons of corn on top.


Ha corn spread thinly with mayonnaise and lay out the tomatoes.


Cut the eggs into cubes. Ha tomatoes to put mayonnaise and put eggs on top. Then smear mayonnaise on top of the eggs again.


Sprinkle a generous layer of grated cheese on top of the salad. Decorate with cherry tomatoes and a sprig of dill. The salad is ready!

Bon appetit!


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