Salad Madame

First, let's boil all the vegetables. Wash the meat, put it in a pot, pour water and add salt, put on the fire, bring to a boil. Cook until tender over a low heat. Cool. Dissect into fibers. All vegetables grate on a coarse grater.

Now let's start laying everything in layers. The first layer of potatoes and mayonnaise, do not forget to salt. The second layer of green onions, the combination is excellent, on the onions put boiled chicken meat, mayonnaise again, then the green peas, eggs and beets on top. We decorate everything with dill. Enjoy your meal.                                                   

Ingredients for "Salad Madame":

Chicken egg - 3 pcs.

Green onions - 50 g

Chicken (I have a breast) - 300 g

Green peas - 100 g

Potatoes (small in my case) - 5 pcs.

Beets (small) - 3 pcs

Mayonnaise - 150 g

Dill - 20 g


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