Salad with beans and croutons

I suggest a fairly simple snack salad with beans and croutons. Salty cucumbers make this salad juicy, and thanks to the croutons and beans, the salad is quite filling. The salad is made very quickly as you only need to chop the cucumbers and parsley, and the breadcrumbs and beans are added ready-made. You can use pre-made croutons in packets for the salad, but you can work a little harder and make the croutons yourself. I made them from homemade bread the day before making the salad. The salad is very tasty, I recommend it!

Let's prepare the products: a can of red beans, pickles, hard cheese, fresh parsley, garlic, croutons and mayonnaise.

Ingredients for bean salad with croutons

Slice salted cucumbers into julienne slices.

Salted cucumber slices.


Chop parsley and grate cheese. Place the ingredients in a bowl.

Grate cheese and greens.


Place beans in a sieve so that liquid runs out. Add the beans and croutons to the rest of the ingredients. Squeeze out the garlic.

Add the breadcrumbs and beans.

Add the mayonnaise.

Mix the salad well.

Stir the salad.

If you like crunchy croutons, you can serve at once. If you want them to be softer let the salad stand for 10-15 minutes. Also croutons can be added just before serving, it all depends on your preferences.

Recipe of salad with beans and croutons


Bon appetit!


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