Salad with Peking cabbage and ham



Chinese cabbage - 1 fork

Ham - 150 g

Sweet pepper - 1 pc.

Fresh cucumber - 1 pc.

Canned corn - 200 g

Mayonnaise - 2 tbsp.

Salt and ground black pepper - to taste


Step by step recipe 


Salad with Peking cabbage and ham - one of my favorite salads, because it does not require additional time to pre-cook the ingredients. Virtually all of the ingredients in the salad are usually in the fridge, all we need to do is chop them up properly and dress them.

  I classify this salad as a "winter salad", because it is in the winter, the Chinese cabbage is much cheaper than other leafy salads. I make it on New Year's Eve, as it is hearty and fresh.

  Prepare all the products according to the list. You can take any kind of ham: pork, chicken, turkey. Pick a greener and fresher Peking cabbage.

Peel the top leaves off the fork of the Chinese cabbage. Cut the fork into 4 pieces lengthwise and finely chop each one. Place the sliced Chinese cabbage in a bowl.

Peel the bell peppers and cut off the stalks. Cut the pepper into small cubes. Wash the cucumber, pat dry with paper towel and cut into quarters.

  Place the peppers and cucumbers in a bowl with the cabbage.

  Cut the ham into slices or coarse julienne

Add the ham to the rest of the ingredients.

Drain canned corn and put it in a bowl.

  Use mayonnaise as dressing, add salt and ground black pepper to taste. Mix all salad ingredients well. Allow the salad to stand for about 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

  Put the salad in a salad bowl and serve with parsley or dill greens.

Salad with Peking cabbage and ham is ready! Bon appetit!


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