Salad "Yummy"

This is exactly "Yummy" and nothing else:))) Since the salad is very tasty and everyone likes it, it can be prepared for a holiday, and on an ordinary day. Boiled chicken, fresh cucumber, eggs and pickled onions - everything is brilliantly simple:))) Try this "yummy" salad, too;)

To prepare the salad "Yummy" prepare fresh cucumbers, onions, water, salt, sugar, table vinegar, chicken leg or breast, eggs, mayonnaise.

Dice onions and marinate for 10 minutes in a mixture of boiling room temperature water, salt, sugar and vinegar.

Pour the water over the onions.

Then slice the cucumber(s) into straws.

Slice cucumber

Slice or dice the cooked chicken meat and add to the bowl with the sliced cucumber. Drain the marinade from the onion.

Add the chicken breast.

Add the onions to the bowl, and here add the diced eggs, which have been boiled and have already cooled. Dress the salad ingredients with mayonnaise and salt to taste.

Put eggs, onions and mayonnaise.

Mix the salad. "Yummy" is ready!

Salad recipe "Yummy".

That's it, now you can safely serve the salad "Delicious" to the table.


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