Sales of Christmas trees for the New Year

earn in the New Year - the sale of Christmas trees. However, if you think that it is enough to buy Christmas trees in bulk and bring them by car to the point of sale, then you are wrong.


On the eve of the New Year, many people are concerned about how to make money on this holiday rush. The logic is this: since on New Year's Eve people empty the shelves of stores, it's enough just to put the goods - and rejoice 100% sales. So think many entrepreneurs and often decide to sell Christmas trees. After all, organizing this type of sale is easy enough: you can do without permits and even without renting the trading area, because the trees are sold on the street.


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Free training courses for those interested in psychology


In fact, business seems simple until you rashly throw yourself into it. It's not enough to just buy Christmas trees in bulk and bring them by car to the point of sale. Business has its own intricacies and nuances. You need to understand what varieties of trees to sell, who will be the target audience and how to calculate the volume of purchases. After all, in the case of a large inventory of goods they will not be able to sell later - who needs a Christmas tree after the holidays?


So if you decide to make money on the sale of Christmas trees, do not rush to buy goods. Assess your options, market conditions, plan income and expenses, estimate how profitable it will be. To guide you in the deceptive business of selling Christmas trees, we have prepared a step by step guide. The path from idea to profit is much longer than the road from the nursery to the outlet.


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