Samsung banned throwing smartphones on the bed

Samsung could learn if users damage smartphones due to careless handling of the device. This was reported on his Twitter by a well-known blogger under the nickname Tron.

According to the blogger, the new folding device Galaxy Z Flip3 has a special system that captures all cases of falling device. The data is recorded based on a sensor that reads the acceleration resulting from a free fall. If users drop their device and smash it, the company can prohibit the official service center to carry out free repairs.

As an example, scenarios are described where smartphones can break if you drop them on a bed or sofa. The maximum height from which the Galaxy Z Flip3 can be dropped without fear of losing warranty service is one meter. "Samsung can refuse free repairs even if the device is under warranty and there are no visible cracks or scratches on the body," Torn noted.


The author also said that he knows of a story where the glass on a smartphone cracked. The case could be regarded as a warranty, but the data extracted from the phone showed that the device had been dropped at least three times.


At the end of the summer it became known that the camera of the new Samsung smartphones can be remotely disabled if it is unlocked. Built-in protection is provided in the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 series devices.


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