Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra have been revealed in a leaked listing

The Galaxy S22 trio is expected to be officially unveiled in January (or February), and rumors and leaks about it have already surfaced on the internet. According to Android Authority, one such leak has suggested the charging speeds for the three phones... and now the Chinese 3C certification leaks. According to the listing, the three phones will be able to charge at a rate of 25W.

The listing screenshot shows three phones with model numbers SM-S9080, SM-S9060, and SM-S9010, which are expected to be phones from the Galaxy S22 series, and the charging they support is listed at 25W. (9V, 2.77A). This runs counter to what previous leaks about the three phones have stated. Earlier leaks claimed that only the standard Galaxy S22 would have this charging speed, while the S22+ and S22 Ultra were expected to have 45W charging.

Furthermore, the listing indicates that the three phones may come with an optional travel charger, which is listed as EP-TA800, the power supply Samsung has preferred in recent years.

IceUniverse, a reputable leaker, previously stated that the two larger phones will support faster charging, specifically 45W, while the smaller Galaxy S22 will support 25W charging. However, the listing above appears to contradict this suggestion, indicating that all three phones will have the more modest 25W charging, which some users may find disappointing about the Galaxy S22 series.

According to reports, Samsung's next premium phones will be unveiled in January, as was the case this year with the Galaxy S21 series. We previously reported on a dummy unit of the Galaxy S22 Ultra displaying a change in design on the phone's back, which will reportedly grace its camera bump. Looking at the dummy unit, we can see that the Ultra's camera bump has an unusual P-shape.

According to reports, Samsung has been considering two options for the look of the camera bump on the Ultra, one of which was this P-shape (which is now reportedly finalized), and the other was a more standard look with two strips of unequal lengths.

According to some reports, the phones will be unveiled in February rather than January, with the possibility of seeing the Galaxy S21 FE in January. This news comes after Samsung reportedly canceled the Galaxy S21 FE, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Other rumors and leaks indicate that the three phones will have uniform bezels, a standard-looking punch-hole selfie camera at the front, and, most likely, S Pen support.

In terms of battery sizes, for some models, there will be a slight downgrade from their predecessors, the Galaxy S21 series. The 6-1-inch Galaxy S22 5G will reportedly feature a 3,700mAh, which is dropping from the 4,000mAh the Galaxy S21 had. The Galaxy S22+ (or Pro, as suggested by some leaks and rumors), will reportedly sport a 6.55-inch display (smaller than the 6.7-inch Galaxy S21 Plus display) and will be powered by a 4,500mAh battery.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra and leaks about it seem a bit more exciting as it is expected to boast a primary 108MP main camera, no less than three different 12MP cameras, and a 5,000mAh battery. And S Pen.

What Samsung decides to go for in terms of Galaxy S22 colors and other details are yet unknown, but we'll make sure to inform them as soon as we hear something.


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