Samsung increased Wi-Fi speed in the subway by 25 times

During testing, it became clear that 5G mmWave technology can improve the quality of data transmission over a standard Wi-Fi network in crowded public places. The transmission speed during the test was 1.8 Gbit/s, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone acted as the receiver. Samsung representatives emphasize that the subway car was in motion the entire time.

According to calculations, the figure was 25 times higher than the standard 71 Mbps available at most subway stations in Seoul today. The Samsung 5G Compact Macro chip helped increase Wi-Fi data transfer speeds by using the 5G mmWave spectrum with ultra-high bandwidth as a backhaul channel. The test took place on a single line connecting five stations in several areas of the city. The station band frequency was 28 GHz, and transmitters were installed along the entire route.


The Compact Macro Chipset is a solution containing the radio and antenna in a compact form factor. It can be placed on poles, building walls and other places, making it easy and fast to deploy fifth-generation communications. Samsung was the first company to successfully ship complete 5G solutions, including chipsets, radio modules and core network solutions.


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