Satellite Internet In India Coming Soon

• SpaceX company will launch satellite internet in 2022 in India.

• For now, spectrum is required for wireless communication.

• Any spectrum can be sold in India only through auction, not like anyone can pay amount and buy spectrum directly.

• It can be bought through auction procedure from the government of India as it's a natural resource of the country and government of India can sell it through auction.

• The Department of Telecommunication is trying how to sell satellite communication spectrum so, it will reach Honourable Supreme court and sort it out and soon we'll see satellite internet in the country





• Satellite internet will be the future of internet connectivity.

• Mobile phone is connected to a nearby tower for internet but there are many places in India, where mobile internet is not available even, broadband connection is not available in many areas. If anyone wants to surf internet in these places satellite internet will be an option even in barren land.

• On top of your home dish will be installed and that will be connected to the satellite for providing satellite internet and one can access internet from anywhere.

• It's already available in USA, and people there, are happy with that, getting internet speeds of up to 300 to 400 mbps.

• India is a big country and here in some places mobile internet is not possible even there internet can be provided using satellite internet in low cost.

• Nowadays people are using DTH services where the dish on top of the house is connected to the satellite and the services can be availed from any region no matter what, even during natural disasters.

• Satellite communication requires spectrum. In India different telecom companies are holding different spectrums. Main problem is that SATCOM companies need different spectrums and the telecom companies have not yet entered satellite communication.

• In 2012, Honourable Supreme court given the statement that all the spectrums are natural resources and government should sell them through auction only.

• In the same year, a 5 member bench stated that all the spectrums are not natural resources so, its not compulsory for the government to sell all the spectrums through auction itself.

• Airtel CEO Sunil Bharti Mittal said that any SATCOM companies require spectrum for satellite internet should be given by the Indian government without auction. So, there are different conflict ideas are coming, making it confusing for DoT and Indian government.

• To sort out all the confusion, DoT will reach Honourable Supreme court. So, the final outcome about the spectrum auction will be from Supreme court.

• It's almost confirmed that by the middle of 2022 we'll be able to access satellite internet in India


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